A jewellery purchase with purpose

Put on a little feel-good factor everytime you wear Alexis Kate Jewellery

I know that jewellery can often feel like a treat, but buying from Alexis Kate is not just about looking good and feeling good, but also about doing good.

Produced under ethical work conditions, with acceptable hours and fair pay, each piece is handcrafted with care and certified by expert jewellers from around the world.

This initiative is in partnership with National Geographic, who ensures the proceeds go back into further supporting and developing the communities these artists are a part of.

I created Alexis Kate Jewellery to inspire a more conscious choice when it comes to choosing gifts or purchasing jewellery for yourself. You can buy Alexis Kate jewellery knowing it's:

  • Quality
  • Handcrafted
  • Certified
  • Fairtrade

Alexis Kate isn’t just about me (although every purchase does make me do a happy dance!), it’s about making a difference to communities around the world.

And while jewellery will always have a unique significance to the wearer, knowing that you’ve helped support an artist, like the ones below, also makes your jewellery purchase all the more meaningful.


Meet some of the Artists

Khun Boom

Kuhn BoomCongratulations go to Khun Boom for receiving the 2015 Chiang Mai Creative City Design Award! 

"I have a passion for life, art and jewelry. I was born in 1979 and grew up in Chiang Mai. I am trained in design and art, and earned a degree in fine art from the Chiang Mai Institute of Technology. From there I moved into the world of design. I used to work for a company that exported fine silver and jewelry from 1998 to 2004. I gained international experience and a greater inspirational base for my design from working there. 

In 2004, I was hired by a major UK design house to produce elegant and unique designs to accompany their line of high-fashion clothing and accessories. While working in the UK, a number of design houses picked up my jewelry collections. I am very appreciative of this opportunity for I gained in experience and saw the world. 

I never hesitate to take the opportunities that life offers, as I believe that an opportunity is like a lucky bird: it might come just once in your life or maybe a few times and when it does, I am going to do my best to take it. I also believe in honesty. I live my life my life based on being honest; I am honest about my feelings. I am honest to people as I do believe that if you do good things, you will get that back in return."


Ying"My inspiration comes from the natural world around me, such as the texture of tree bark, the fluid lines of a flowing river, flowers, and leaves."

"My full name is Sainamphung Chuntakowsol, but everyone calls me by my nickname, Ying. I'm the second of four siblings, born and raised in Bangkok but always pining for Chiang Mai, where my father and uncle worked. When I finished college, I didn't think twice and moved to Chiang Mai, making my dream come true. 


Srimuang"Although I majored in business administration and management, I'm a sensitive girl. I love my freedom and I love art. I enjoy working in the garden where the air is fresh and where I can relax and come up with new ideas for my jewelry. I love to travel, and this helps me get ideas for new designs. Sharing with my friends also helps me think creatively. 

Leaving Chiangrai and moving in with my aunt was the biggest change in my life. I experienced the big city, studied in a good school, made great friends and learned all about jewelry. It had made my life so much better, and my parents are happy and proud of me. I want to say thank you to my aunt for her kindness. 



 I would like to thank you, the shoppers, for helping me continue in the work I love. I'll keep on creating new jewelry designs for you"



"I currently work with more than 100 families, including Karen silversmiths, who help me to create handcrafted jewelry."